Abdo Hassan is an Art Director and a Visual artist, based in Cairo, Egypt.
Specialized in digital visual arts, digital collages, and mixed media, joined international exhibitions, and got featured in various books and magazines.

I’ve participated in Graphic Matters festival, Speak up in Netherlands, with an artwork showing the suffering of children in Aleppo wars.
Also participated in Make good magazine to raise money for hurricane victims.

Also in Papercut magazine, an artwork showing the struggles of the Arab women and teens, with marriage problems.

My work got published in lots of books and magazines also around the world from Asia to the Americans.

For real.

I live in a folk district in Egypt, full of culture and people, I guess that what build my vision.
Every day I walk I see different people, a lot of them, I see crowds, but feel comfy.

I guess this is the main idea of collage work, lots of colors, images, wild and bold concepts.

I started doing digital collages 3 years ago, I loved doing this because it has no rules, I just collage images with artistic vision, making artworks with wild colors and surreal concepts, I feel free doing this, and I guess this kind of art has no boundaries, that what I love about the surreal and collage arts.

Doing art is great, but doing it for cause is greater, I believe that every artist is a prophet, I have a message to deliver, I have causes to fight for, so I started making collages for causes.

What makes me to go on doing anything is the people, seeing them facing wars, poverty makes me overthink and depressed, I try hard to turn these feelings into artworks, projects and work.

I see myself at 60s a film director, living In humble peaceful place, with a lot of cats and a lot of papers on my desk of causes I’m trying to take care about.

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